Fletcher Christian Mutiny

Fletcher Christian (25 September 1764 – 20 September 1793) was a master’s mate on board the Bounty during William Bligh’s fateful voyage to Tahiti for breadfruit plants (see Mutiny on the Bounty). It was Christian who seized command of the Bounty from Bligh on 28 April 1789.

Fletcher Christian Mutiny are a Rock Band

Lead Guitar – Nell Kneale
Drums – Stephen Quinn
Bass Guitar – Andrew Cregeen
Vocals – Keef Lawler
Rhythm Guitar – Justine Lewis

The band released their debut Mini-LP on Ballagroove in 2012

The bands 2nd Mini-LP ‘Seven 3 Zero’ is out now !!

Check out the band playing ‘Roaming The Halls’ live


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