13th Pillar – New EP ‘All sounds the same’ – Ballagroove’s 25th release!

13th Pillar - All Sounds The Same

“All sounds the same EP”

Ballagroove celebrate our 25th release with the return of The 13th Pillar.

Actually we have never been away. We toil away writing psychedelic/post-punk/whatever the hell we like kind of songs in a dank basement then occasionally release them into the wild. We are Selwyn and Karl on vocals and guitars with Gypo on bass for live and recording. We have released these songs because we felt we needed to.

The songs were recorded in Gypo’s studio in an industrial facility out near an airport. A great place to hunker down and get the job done.

3 songs: ‘All Sounds the Same’, ‘Metrolopolis’ and ‘Alien’, available to buy now on download and very limited CD run though Bandcamp.

Ballagroove Records BG020

released 05 August 2014