Cartesian Jetstream – New EP – ‘More songs about Lizards and Fairies’

Cartesian Jetstream - More songs about Lizards and Fairies

“More songs about Lizards & Fairies”

Ballagroove Records is delighted to announce a new EP from our favourite psychedelismiths Cartesian Jetstream – it’s a corker!

Four tracks of prime post-psychedelic freakbeat featuring a fun-filled, 9-minute psychedelic rave-up called The Woodland Trust:

  1. Little Lizards 03:12
  2. Valley of the Bees 04:44
  3. John the Divine 05:40
  4. The Woodland Trust 09:14

Watch the video for lead track ‘Little Lizards’

Listen to and buy ‘More songs about Lizards & Fairies’ EP through Bandcamp