Cartesian Jetstream – Ancestors LP

Cartesian Jetstream - Ancestors


Ballagroove Records is delighted to announce the second LP from Cartesian Jetstream

‘Ancestors’ is the band’s second album and represents their take on pop music. The songs are direct, accessible and hooky with enough unpredicatability to ensure they take the listener to somewhere completely unexpected.  Simon explains “I wanted to get the feel of how bands like the Beatles sounded in 65/66 when it was still quite groovy and beaty but just starting to go a bit weird and psychedelic in places – Invisible Ink is probably the best example of that. Kosmiche power pop? Easy listening freakbeat? Party music for introverts?  Basically we’re trying to make a whole album that sounds like the faster section from the Doors’ track ‘L.A. Woman’ but with a (slightly) less drunk singer.”

With influences ranging from Krautrock, Sonic Youth and Fugazi to Grateful Dead, Dylan, Jefferson Airplane and Funkadelic, Simon thinks that if Cartesian Jetsream had managed to make a record five or ten years ago “it would have been much more obviously influenced by whichever of the above I was currently digging the most but I think now it’s all been mashed down like bugs and jungle to make a less recognizable sludge of influences.”

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