How can we help ?

Every project is unique, however big or small we are happy to accommodate you and ensure that you are delighted with the results.

You want to record a single song, a few songs or a full album ? – We can help.

Want help with songwriting and developing your songs ? – We can help.

You have recorded your music at home and want it mixed professionally ? – We can help.

You want advice on how best to release your music ? – We can help.

Every project is unique, get in touch to discuss your requirements, visit the studio and we can discuss your ideas and we will determine how most effectively you can use the studio and we will put together a plan and provide you with an estimate of the costs to fit your budget, and a timescale to accommodate your availability.

Click on the images below to read a bit more about each stage of the process of taking your music from an idea to a finished project, you may want to use the studio for the entire process, or just a part of the full process, again – We can help.